Rolling stock of enterprise consists of vehicles capacity: 1.5t, 24t and 3T.
Vehicles are brand SCANIA, the maximum age to 5 years, and every year the reload of rolling stock with new vehicles which satisfy the Euro 3 and Euro 5 standards. All vehicles have TIR certificates.
All employees are trained to perform high-quality and responsible tasks that are involved. Most employees work in this company engaged more than 3 years, which indicates the quality of the company, but the satisfaction of employees and their employer.

NIROTRANS company is oriented on the transport of goods from Serbia to the following countries: PL, SK, CC, H, BG, TR, and, as well as between PL-TR-PL. We work transport and organization of transport to complete loading.
tel: +381 (0) 16 341 50 98
fax: +381 (0) 16 341 50 97